Dinosaur Discoveries

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Dinosaur Discoveries brings life-size dinosaurs up close and personal to audiences inside the historic Wortham Theatre’s new HoloTheater. This dynamic and immersive storytelling attraction uses 3D holographic technology and video mapping to take audiences through more than 140 years of scientific discovery and disputes on the journey to understanding the truth about dinosaurs. Viewers are placed in the boots of leading paleontologists as they delve into the fossils of dinosaurs that once ruled our planet and the debates over scientific discoveries. The Dinosaur Discoveries experience offers audiences of all ages a visceral and evolving visualization of dinosaurs as humans know them, leaving viewers with new insight into the actual lives of the creatures that have captivated the world since their initial discovery. Viewers join Maggie, an up-and-coming paleontologist, from childhood through her journey to uncover the amazing scientific discoveries that have shaped our thinking about dinosaurs, including how they looked and lived, allowing audiences to engage with the story of dinosaurs like never before