Disneyland Resort’s Mad T Party

Projection Mapping As night fell, the Hollywood backlot of Disney’s California Adventure erupted into a dance party of vivid color and light. Projection mapped against two popular ride facades, we created an immersive environment of upbeat, fun-filled animations relating to the Alice in Wonderland-themed celebration which resulted in a euphoric display. This semi-permanent installation ignited […]

Fashion Star

Season 2 Screens Design America’s rising fashion stars come together to bring their works to life in a stunning and immersive runway show. We worked hand-in-hand with the show’s producers to deliver a fantastic selection of 3D architectural spaces to transform and elevate the catwalk into a dreamscape of fashion. Over the course of 10 […]

American Crew @ Revlon StyleMasters 2012

Screens Design American Crew approached our studio to bring their Revlon StyleMasters runway show to life with 5 seamlessly animated worlds that integrated promotional videos and their products. Low poly worlds were artistically realized to set the atmosphere of each style collection, featuring natural elements all created out of textured three-dimensional cubes and character animation. […]

Juanes Unplugged

Projection Mapping | Screens Design For MTV’s Juanes UnPlugged concert, we created atmospheric and illustrious backgrounds that were projected onto the inside of the Newly Iconic Frank Gehry Building in Miami, The New World Symphony Center. 14 scenes total were stitched and mapped across the iconic Frank Gehry architectural sails, which acted as sweeping windows […]

Master Athletes

Development – Fremantle Media North America Graphics Package | Motion Graphics In partnership with FremantleMedia North America, Digital Flodur was approached to develop and design the visual concept of a new show based around competing teams of athletes. From co-directing photo shoots and storyboarding the narrative, we worked from a script and their general story […]