The 2019 Miss America Competition

Graphics Package | Screens Design

2019 marks the exciting premiere of a revamped Miss America competition, promoting female empowerment and the unique individuality of the modern woman. This year’s competition featured an unprecedented structure for Miss America 2.0, with the removal of the swimsuit competition and the focus on the candidates’ charitable acts, intellectual knowledge and specialized talents. To honor this revolutionary rebirth, Digital Flodur incorporated bold angular motifs and minimalistic line designs with a touch of glitz and glamour for the opening title sequence and broadcast graphics package. The screens designs presented a more nostalgic note of the previous competitions, while designed in 3D in keeping with the modern stylings of the other graphics. The open ended shapes parallel the unbounded limits of a woman’s ability, while the diagonal slices signify the stitching of a new narrative for future competitions to come.

Screens Design